Mail monitoring

As name suggests mail monitoring is set up by companies to monitor mails send and received by particular set of employees. Usually mail monitoring ID is not used as primary mailbox id as it creates clutter in primary mailbox. A typical case is that head of the department periodically want to check the mails sent or received by subordinates. He sets a monitoring id where all mails sent or received are collected. He reviews the mails once in a week or month. If something objectionable is found, a necessary action is taken.

Another use case is that company suspects that some employees are involved in notorious activity. In this case a mail monitoring is setup on these IDs. Monitoring ID is checked frequently to find any objectionable content.

Mail monitoring feature

  1. All in one box: All the mails sent and received by email id being monitored is are sent to singlemonitoring mailbox. You don’t need to have separate monitoring mailboxes for incoming and outgoing mails.
  2. Device and network agnostic: Even if the monitored id’s is accesses outside the company network or he accesses using different devices like laptop, mobile phone etc., all the mails sent or received by user are sent to monitored ID
  3. No bounce back message to monitored ID: Almost all the times the monitoring is done in stealth mode. If monitoring ID’s mailbox quota is full then monitored ID used to get the bounce back mail. This way a user can come to know that his ID is being monitored. In Rediff’s mail monitoring feature, monitored IDs will not get bounce back message even if the monitoring ID’s mailbox box quota is full.
  4. Auto delete mails: Since the monitoring ID is accessed once in a while, it is difficult to maintain it. This may lead to monitoring mailbox exceeding mail quota frequently. To avoid such situation, we are providing a facility where admin can set auto delete functionality where mails older than 7 days, 15 days or 30 days will be deleted automatically. By default the mails auto delete functionality would be set to 7 days.


What happens when mail monitoring ID space quota gets full?
We will send warning messages to administrator at 80% and 90% space utilization. If the mailbox crosses the limit even after that, we will stop delivering mails monitoring ID and send notification to administrator. Admin has to free up the space the in account and click on resume button in admin panel. Mail delivery will resume if there is at least 20% of space is freed by administrator.

Can user configure monitoring ID in mail clients?
Yes. Monitoring ID can be configured using POP or IMAP protocol in mail clients.

How many IDs can be assigned one monitoring ID?
Virtually there is no limit on number of IDs that can be assigned to monitoring ID. However, it is advised that number of IDs monitored should not be more than 10.

Why there is no higher mailbox size SKU for monitoring ID?
Typically mail monitoring ID is configured in mail client along with primary mailbox of head of dept. We have observed that higher size mailboxes with very high number transactions degrade the performance of mail clients like outlook as well as servers. This functionality can easily be misused for archival purpose if the higher size mailboxes are given. We have separate and better facility with download option for archival.

Can space be transferred from other accounts to monitoring mailboxes?
No. space cannot be transferred from other accounts to monitoring mailboxes.

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