3 Ways to Know if Your Company Emails are Secure

Email transmission from sender to receiver has 3 stages, sender’s laptop/mobile to sender’s service provider, sender’s mail service provider to recipient’s mail service provider and recipient’s mail service provider to recipient’s laptop/mobile. Any secure mail transmission should ensure that mail is protected against eavesdropping at each of the stage. Here’s how business email can be secured in all 3 stages of email transmission: How to ensure security while sending mail: A. Ask service providers for use of secure ports: Service providers offer secure access to email by providing ‘secure ports’ for sending and receiving email. These secure ports use the … Continue reading 3 Ways to Know if Your Company Emails are Secure

Email monitoring & when your company needs it

Email monitoring can reveal a treasure-trove of information about how your email system is actually being used. Not how much RAM or storage space is being used, or how many spam messages are blocked each day, but how your employees are actually using email to perform their jobs. With email monitoring, the amount of intelligence that is available to you in aggregate is overwhelming, and can help you to learn more about your company, identify waste, improve efficiencies, and get a better handle on both compliance and customer service. Email monitoring enables you to mine your email for patterns that … Continue reading Email monitoring & when your company needs it

8 tips to good business email solution

Email is the backbone of any business and managing it well has become mission critical for the company. Gone are the days when SMEs fret over their changing email needs and affordability of the email solutions and large organisations considered in-premise hosted email solutions for confidentiality, control and better management of mails, despite it being a ‘white elephant solution’. Today with cloud based email solutions, they can focus more on their core business than spend time on their email solutions. Here are the top 8 things that SMEs and large corporate must consider before choosing a business solution: Assess your mail box requirements … Continue reading 8 tips to good business email solution

Why do outlook duplicates occur & how to prevent

First, make sure you are not getting duplicates on the server in your mailbox. That will help determine if it is a server issue or an Outlook issue the mails which got downloaded more than once on your Outlook are duplicates sent by the sender or have been downloaded more than once by Outlook. To do so, simply view your email via Webmail. Next, double check the recipient addresses of the email. You may have been listed twice, or if you have two different email accounts going to the same inbox (such as a forwarded email) and someone sends you … Continue reading Why do outlook duplicates occur & how to prevent

How to prevent Outlook synchronization issue

Two errors appear when using Microsoft Outlook, with error codes 0×800CCCOF and 0×8004210A. The 0×800CCCOF error code indicates that the connection with the mail server was interrupted, and 0×8004210A is the code for a mail server time-out. Both of these error codes indicate that Outlook is having difficulty talking with the mail server, or the mail server is timing-out (i.e. not responding to requests from your email client in a timely fashion). What causes these errors? One cause of this issue is a third-party security software running on the computer, such as firewall software. To check whether the security software … Continue reading How to prevent Outlook synchronization issue